And now, a brief sermon from the Reverend Moses from the Saint Paul Allen Church of Seahawk Positivity for the second round of the playoffs.... My brethren.... Praise Largent that we can all gather together today. As we gather we celebrate a glorious beginning to the Promised Land. A start to a long and prosperous post season. Things looked bleak in the beginning. We were knocked down. We were on the ropes. We were beaten and bleeding... But we did not give up, my brethren. We did fall, but we STOOD BACK UP... and we did... not quit. We did not stay down. We rose.... like a mighty sword, we sliced through the road block ahead of us and delivered another wonderful victory in the name of the one true power guaranteeed to never give up... ...And that one true power is SEAHAWK POSITIVITY  ... But my brethren, as wonderful as the last game was, there is still much left to be done. There are still road blocks ahead that want to derail our march to the Promised Land. There are still foes to be vanquished.... “So it came to pass that we did travel to the land of Peaches. ANd there in that land we did face the black hunting birds. But we did not falter. We stood tall in our resolve, for SEAHAWK POSITIVITY was with us. So then did we send those black and red birds into the ground and they were vanquished...” Oh my brethren, we have come such a long way.... but there is so much work left to be done. So much more still ahead.... And we will not fall and stay down. We will not bow down and cower. We will not sit back and let others take from us what is ours. No! We will RISE UP and take what is ours. We will STAND TALL AND PROUD IN SEAHAWK POSITIVITY! So go forth, my brethren. Go out into the world and spread the word that is Seahawk Positivity. Lift up your hearts and your minds and your VOICES.... in praise of the power that will take us to the Promised Land!!! Largent be with you all! Praise Holy Cortez! GO SEAHAWKS!!!